The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 14: The Discovery of the Duergar

In which the Heroes confront the Duergar at their Trading Post, and a fight breaks out.

The Heroes, having just defeated Krand, the Bloodreaver Chieftain, as well as two duergar, continue exploring the Chamber of Eyes. They come upon a group of goblins, hobgoblins and human bandits dicing in what appears to have been a refectory in years past. Due to the party’s sneakiness, the heroes get a jump on the Bloodreavers.


Surprise Round: Malkyr sprints in and drops a globe of darkness on the dice table. The party quickly maneuvers, and Niall readies his Battle Guardian stance before charging in.

Round 1. Both sharpshooters shoot at Zakhar, and both miss. Bandit 1 grabs his mace, misses Malkyr. Bandit 2 charges but misses Zakhar with Dazing Strike. Theron attacks Hobgoblin 1 with his Warlord Strike, but misses. Malkyr switches out his glue pot for a long knife and uses Army of the Night at Hobgoblin 2, but misses. He then Shadow Steps and flanks Hobgoblin Soldier 1. That soldier misses Theron, while a third soldier attacks Aramil with his flail, and would have hit him but for his Staff of Defense! The soldier that Malkyr attacked misses Merrrick. Meanwhile, Aramil Fey Steps and then uses his Fire Shroud on many enemies, hitting all 3 hobgoblins and one bandit. Merrick uses a Tortorous Strike against his Hobgoblin, but misses. He then hits with Low Strike and uses his Takedown Strike to knock him prone, kicking his leg out. Niall activates Hammer Hands and charges the third soldier, hitting him and badly wounding (bloodying) him. Zakhar uses Words Are not Enough, hitting one of the bandits and the hobgoblin that Niall is battling almost killing him).

Round 2: The goblins each attempt to hit Malkyr, but only one hits. The burned bandit attacks and “critfails” against Zakhar, while the other bandig misses Aramil. Theron goes after the first Hobgoblin with Warlord’s Favor, and hits. Malkyr does his Shadow Storm thing and attacks the flanked soldier, killing him. The third hobgoblin dies, but the remaining one stands up and smacks Merrick, slowing him. Aramil’s Beguiling Strands unfortunately do nothing, and he shifts away. Merrick attacks the Hobgoblin with Piercing Strike, hitting and killing him. Niall missed his bandit, but Zakhar hit his with Righteous Brand.

Round 3: The Goblins both shoot and hit Malkyr. The Bandits miss Niall, but hit Zakhar. Theron attacks a bandit, and kills him with a spinning strike into his neck, but also using -Inspiring Word on Malkyr, who rushes the goblins and uses Shadow Storm, but misses. He activates Shade Form as a minor action. Aramil hits both the remaining bandit and one of the goblins with Arc Lightning. Merrick flanks the Bandit and tries to take him for behind, “raping” him with his rapier, and kills him. Niall charges one of the goblins, and hits massive bloodying damage. Zakhar charges the other goblin and hurts him badly. The goblins surrender.

The goblins do not have a lot of information, but they do advise that they were trading slaves with the Duergar. The heroes ultimately free them before returning to the Seven-Pillared Hall. Once there, they inquire around and realize that a local trading post (the Grimmerzhul Trading Post (Interior)) is actually run by Clan Grimmerzhul. After they rested, they approached the post and spoke with two duergar. They confronted the duergar with the Contract of Sale signed by Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, and that starts a fight.

Grimmerzhul Trading Post

Round 1. Zakhar goes around the counter and hits one of the guards with Righteous Brand. Malkyr attacks the same one with Torturous Strike, bloodying him. He then hits with a Low Slash, and then knocks him down with a Takedown Strike. Malkyr Shadow Steps behind Guard 2, and then uses Shadow Storm against that one, striking hard. Two more guards appear, and one of the newcomers uses Infernal Anger and hits, but Niall swaps with him, and takes the damage instead. Malkyr gets hit twice by two of the guards, while Merrick dodges a blow from the remaining one. Aramil casts Arc Lightning and hits two of the guards. Niall tries to destroy one of the duergar, but misses twice, even with his Action Point. Theron jumps on the counter, and attacks one of the guards with Intuitive Strike, then kills him with an overhand strike.

Round 2. Zakhar hits Guard 2 with his Righteous Brand, and bloodies him. Merrick goes with a Piercing Strike and hits. Malkyr Shadow Steps behind a guard and attacks with Army of the Night, hitting, and making him think that his Duergar allies are his enemies. He also goes insubstantial with Shade Form. A newcomer arrives—Kedhira—who , yells at the Drow in Deep Speech, and throws a Firebolt at Malkyr, but misses. Aramil casts Argent Rain, which doesn’t do much—these duergar are quite fire resistant. Niall smashes that guy though. Theron attacks and Hits with the aid of his Heroic Effort.

Round 2. Zakhar hits the guard he is dueling with by using a Healing Strike, and almost kills him. Merrick goes to hit another guard, and kills him with a Piercing Strike. He then spends an AP and goes after the guard that Zakhar is battling, and kills him, too. Malkyr attacks Kedhira with Targeted for Death, and hits for serious damage. Kedhira casts a poison cloud, hurting and blinding Zakhar, Theron and Merrick. The remaining guard attacks and bloodies Niall. Aramil, meanwhile, gets Kedhira with Grasping Shadows, and the shadows writhe there until her next turn (and slowed). Niall smashes the guy and pushes him back into the room. Theron commands Malkyr to move, heals Zakhar, and is done.

Round 3. Zakhar goes into the room (barely, since he is blind) and uses his Second Wind. Merrick also moves closer. Malkyr drops 2 shrouds on Kedhira and uses Nightmare Shades against her, but misses; he then APs with Executioner’s Noose, and hits and pulls her towards him. She hits Merrick with a Wave of Despair and calls for a guard, who hits Merrick. Aramil goes to his old reliable—Arc Lightning—against both duergar, and he knocks out Kedhira, and hurts the guard. Niall then goes and smashes the guard’s head into his chest. Combat over.

Next date: November 23, 2013



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