The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 6: Delving Deeper

In which the Heroes encounter some flesh-seeking zombies and a bunch of nasty hobgoblins

Awakening: The Heroes slept in the torture chamber, waking up with the Hobgoblin Torturer and Balgron the Fat locked up in their cells. They have been in the keep for but a day, and it is now the fourth day of the month (October-equivalent). After a brief parlay with both prisoners, which didn’t provide much additional information, the adventurers decided to head to the stairs leading further down in the keep. As they were doing so, a slight crack in the wall caught the eye of two of the Heroes, and searching revealed a secret door.

The Hidden Armory: Opening it up, the party advanced through what appeared to be an illusory wall, and came upon a very small armory. Unfortunately, there were also four hungry zombies in that armory, and they attacked. The party made short work of them, though, with everyone beating down on them. Aramil killed the first one, Zakhar cleaved the second, Malkyr stabbed the third, and Niall crushed the remaining one. When inspecting the room, a spirit bound within one of the plaques posed a riddle in a deep, booming voice:

A wondrous treasure,
Valued by all, sought by many.
Found in both victory and defeat,
Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest.
It marches before you like a herald,
And lives long after you are gone.
Of what do I speak?

Although the Heroes’ first guess was close, but incorrect, their second guess was indeed correct: Reputation. What once appeared to be rusty armor gleamed with light, turning out to be Black Iron Scale Armor +1 (which Zakhar donned).

Hobgoblin Guard Room: As the party headed down the stairs, they noticed the previously locked door was now ajar. Heading in, the party entered into a large, torch-lit chamber. Two human-sized creatures stood near the entrance. Big, pointed ears stuck out from under their helmets, and sharp teeth glittered in their mouths—they were hobgoblins. One of the guards yelled out a challenge phrase: “Shadow seeks shadow!” The party replied “And life fails in the dark," which apparently was the correct password. The guard looked surprised, and asked “What business do you have with Kalarel that you know the password?” Although the Heroes were fairly quick on their feet, the guards did not believe them, and sounded an alarm to attack. A few of them, far away, were trying to free a huge, monstrous spider from a cage.

The battle was surprisingly not that difficult for the Heroes. Malkyr and Merrick positioned themselves well, but were unable to put much of a dent into the guards. Zakhar charged in and gave a good shot to one of the soldiers, and Aramil blasted the spider from a distance (he just hurt it and made it angry, though). Eventually everyone got in on the act, and while there was a deep pit (well) in the room that the hobgoblins seemed to want to throw the party into, the tables were quickly turned. As the party brutalized the hobgoblins, many of them fell into the pit to their deaths, Niall and Merrick taking out two apiece, Aramil killing four, Malkyr killing one, and Theron delivering the death blow to the spider.

Total loot claimed:
Money/Valuables: None
Weapons/Apparel: Black Iron Scale Armor +1
Miscellaneous: None

XP Earned: Total = 1465, or 244 xp each
500 (Hidden Armory – 4 Zombies)
965 (Hobgoblin Guard Room – 4 Hobgoblin Soldiers, 5 Hobgoblin Grunts, 1 Deathjump Spider)

Next session: August 4, 2012



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