The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 5: Finding a Friend

In which the heroes capture Balgron the Fat, and find a new ally.

The Maze of Caves: Still searching for Balgron the Fat, the heroes descend down a set of stairs to a natural cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. As they explore, they see and hear a number of R.O.U.S. (rodents of unusual size). Heading down into the heart of the cavern, they were surrounded by the giant rats, as well as a more horrible threat: a slithering, disgusting Ochre Jelly. The heroes quickly began dispatching the rats, with Aramil Goldleaf blasting a few before he brought down a rain of molten metal on the jelly. Merrick Feverfew was surrounded by rats, and both he and Theron Redgrave took out a few. Meanwhile, both Niall MacFarlane and Malkyr Kaldra’iv attacked the jelly.

After multiple attacks, the jelly split in two before the group ultimately destroyed it, with the heroes taking a few minor wounds (acidic though they were). While the party searched the area, Niall discovered a secret door, which he opened. Inside was Balgron, who took a shot at Niall with his crossbow (but somehow missed). Niall charged and smashed Balgron with his hammer, at which point the goblin begged for his life. He told the group the pass phrase to the second level of the dungeon (“and life fails in the dark”), but professed not to know anything actually about the second level. He then promised to guide them to a treasure room.

The Torture Chamber: As it turned out, the treasure room was really a torture chamber, with a huge masked hobgoblin torturer, three goblins armed with hand crossbows, and a goblin warrior. Combat ensued as Balgron fled Malkyr’s grasp. Although it was a tough battle, the heroes prevailed, killing the goblins but knocking out the torturer and Balgron as they heard cries for help from an adjoinng room. The parties discovered a huge Goliath (Zakhar) locked up in a jail cell. It turns out that he was a priest of Kord, and had been sent to the keep to investigate the Keep, with on of his fellow priests having seen an aspect of Orcus there in a dream. The group freed Zakhar, and after questioning Balgron and the torturer, locked them in the cells.

Total loot claimed:
Money/Valuables: 30 gp
Weapons/Apparel: Bold Victory Chainmail +1
Miscellaneous: 1 Set of Ivory Gaming Dice (worth 25 gp)

XP Earned: Total = 2,950, or 314 xp each
625 (The Maze of Caves – 13 Giant Rats, 1 Ochre Jelly)
625 (Torture Chamber – 1 Hobgoblin Torturer, 3 Goblin Sharpshooters, 1 Goblin Warrior)
570 (Bonus XP: Freeing Zakhar)

Level Up! (To Level 3)



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