The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 4: Deep in the Keep

In which the Heroes continue their exploration, and encounter Sir Keegan

Quick run-down: After defeating the zombies, the Heroes went down the stairs, only to find the double doors at the bottom locked and beyond any lockpicking skill. The heroes went back, and then headed south into an area that appeared to be an old crypt with 10 massive stone sarcophagi. Heading east, they discovered a larger chamber, with a domed ceiling and a starry glow. The ceiling depicted a regal dragon with silver scales in flight across and endless sky. On each side, there was an altar inscribed with elaborate script (Draconic), and behind each was a bas-relief of soldiers in plate armor on their knees in prayer. There wasn’t much time to gawk around, though. As soon as the Heroes set foot in the altar room, they hard loud bangs as each sarcophagus lid opened, and skeletons poured out. The Heroes fought a frenzied battle, and many of the weaker goblins were quickly killed by Aramil, with his arcing lightning and his rain of molten metal (killing five). Niall crushed two with his hammer, and Theron skewered one with a javelin to the skull, a mighty shot that took the skull clean off, and lodged it into the wall behind, the javelin quivering with the impact. With the combined efforts of Malkyr and others, Niall finished off one of the warriors with a crushing blow, while Merrick claimed the other, piercing its skull.

As the Heroes explored the altars, they found six platinum dragon statuettes—Bahamut, the platinum dragon. However, potential disaster soon struck as more skeletons popped out of the sarcophagi. Theron killed one, while Aramil took out five more with a fountain of flame. Ultimately, the group decided it was best to retreat into an adjoining room, where they barricaded the doors. In the room was a dais with a single coffin, and upon the lid was a carving of a warrior in plate armor with a sword laid across his chest. As the Heroes approached, the coffin lid exploded into dust, and a skeleton arose, wearing plate armor with an image of Bahamut emblazoned thereon. The skeleton held aloft a bastard sword, and said, “The rift must never be reopened! State your intentions, or prepare to die!” It was Sir Keegan, risen from the dead. The Heroes quickly answered Sir Keegan’s questions, and convinced him (with some bluffing from some of the Heroes) that their intentions were pure. Sir Keegan then explained what happened to Shadowfell Keep, and why he remained. Although he was past redemption, he gave them his bastard sword, Aecris, so that they might help seal the rift. He told them to seek Bahamut’s boon in the altars outside, and returned to his tomb.

The Heroes went back outside, and saw more skeletons milling about, but quickly knelt in front of the altars and praised Bahamut, at which point the skeletons went back into their sarcophagi. The party retraced its steps, and went back to the entrance room. Heading east, they found an area that appeared to be inhabited by goblins. Merrick and Malkyr scouted ahead, and saw two goblins playing cards seated at a table, unaware of their presence. They communicated through hand signals, and both crept up behind their victims. Simultaneously, the rogue and assassin attacked, and both instantly slew their prey. After going to retrieve the rest of the heroes, they went back and headed into the eastern area, whereupon they encountered a number of goblins and their chieftain, Balgron the Fat. A pitched battle was fought in several rooms, but the Heroes quickly overcame the horde. Balgron, however, ran into an adjoining room, and when the Heroes sought him out, they discovered that he had vanished! Quick searching revealed a secret door, but they could not be sure where Balgron went. Searching through his chest and the goblins’ possessions, they found some coin and a magical staff that Aaramil quickly claimed.

From there, the party headed down a natural looking cavern area, where they could hear the squeak of rats…and perhaps other things? (To be continued…)

Total money spent: None.

Total loot claimed:
Money/Valuables: 5 silver ingots worth 100 gp each
Weapons/Apparel: Staff of the War Mage +1, Aecris (Bastard Sword +1)
Miscellaneous: None

XP Earned: Total = 2275 (455 xp each)
700 (Chieftain’s Lair – 8 Goblin Cutters, 5 Goblin Warriors)
700 (Skeletal Legion – 2 Skeleton Warriors, 16 skeletons)
875 (Sir Keegan’s Tomb – Sir Keegan Skill Challenge)

Next game date scheduled for June 9, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.



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