The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 2: Clearing out the Kobold Lair

In which the Heroes prove that kobolds are no match for them

Our heroes awakened after a restful night at Wrafton’s Inn, and proceeded to the smithy, where they met Thair Coalstriker, the local blacksmith. Niall and Thair spoke about what type of weapons and armor he could make, and how long it would take. The group then retrieved their prisoner, who advised that he was named Morok.

Approaching the Kobold Lair
After a short while, Morok led the group to a waterfall that concealed the kobold’s lair, at which point Merrick tied him to a tree and gagged him. The party was able to sneak up on the kobold guards, and surprised them. Merrick and Malkyr ganged up on a Kobold Slink and quickly got him fearing for his life, while Niall and Theron advanced on a kobold dragonshield standing in a sacred circle, attacking him with hammer and sword. Within seconds, numerous kobold minions charged Niall and Theron. When one tried to shift away after attacking, Niall crushed its skull. Aramil, partially hidden in the trees, then created a cloud of darkness, and in that cloud, grasping shadows grabbed hold of four of the minions, plus the dragonshield, and snuffed out their life forces. The kobolds ultimately proved to be no match whatsoever for the heroes, as Malkyr plunged his drow long knife into the heart of the slink, while Merrick threw a dagger into the back of the slinger, who tried to warn the kobolds in the cave. The remaining minions tried to fight bravely, but three were dispatched in short order: Theron beheaded one, Niall crushed the chest of another, and Aramil’s arcing lightning fried the brains of another. The remaining two minions fled, but were cut down by Theron and Merrick, respectively.

Infiltrating the Lair
After searching the kobolds, Merrick collected their ears, and the group mounted the kobolds’ heads on the kobolds’ javelins on spears. After taking a short rest, and confirming that the din of the waterfall concealed the sounds of battle from those in the cave, Malkyr peeked inside the cave and saw a large group of kobolds milling around the cave, not on high alert. The group snuck in the northern entrance to the cave, even the dwarf giving his best impression of a rogue. Once again, the group surprised the kobolds, and got to the dirty work of slaying them. Niall, Theron and Malkyr beat on a few, with Aramil frying a minion with his lightning, and Malkyr stabbing one of the skirmishers in the throat. The group was quickly and completely surrounded by minions. Aramil, however, was unpeturbed, and conjured up a whirling pillar of flame that killed six of the kobold minions and one of the skirmishers — seven in one shot. The remaining kobolds were soon overwhelmed, Malkyr stabbing one in the heart, Niall skull-crushing another that tried to escape, and Aramil frying two more with the arcing lightning that was becoming his trademark. Malkyr finished off the last one with a quick stab, but just as he did, a horn wailed, signaling the arrival of new troops.

Arrival of Irontooth
The party made a defensive formation as Irontooth, two kobold denwardens, and a kobold Wyrmpriest arrived. The second half of the battle was much tougher than the first, and both Theron and Merrick, the seasoned veterans, almost went down. Irontooth ended up not being much of a factor, but the denwardens and the Wyrmpriest proved tough, especially when he unleashed his fire breath upon the party. The heroes could not be defeated, however: while Niall focused on Irontooth, Merrick blinded one of the denwardens, freeing up Theron to help Niall. Aramil created a zone of darkness, and then blasted one of the denwardens into it with a strand of scintillating colors and gleaming lights, killing it. Irontooth, severely wounded by all of the group members’ various attacks, ultimately perished at the hand of Theron, who ducked under a battleaxe swipe to stab Irontooth in the gut. As he yanked the sword out, Irontooth dropped his axed, grabbed his entrails, and with his eyes glazing over, uttered, “Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way,” before dying. Aramil’s lightning fried the brains of the remaining denwarden, and after the others beat up on the Wyrmpriest, Aramil once again finished him off with — you guessed it — a lightning strike.

Discoveries and Return to Winterhaven
The party searched the remains, and found upon Irontooth a silver key and a Letter from Kalarel. The key, they discovered, was to a chest containing gold and a magical suit of Dwarven Plate Mail +1, which Niall quickly donned. Niall took Irontooth’s tooth as a souvenir, while Merrick took his head to present to Lord Padraig. With that, they made off to Winterhaven, after freeing Morok (after Niall insisted, and Merrick frowned), who quickly fled the scene. Upon seeing Irontooth’s head, Lord Padraig stuck it on a stake, and thanked the party. Malkyr, however, told Lord Padraig that not all was well, and explained about Kalarel and the cult’s plans. Padraig asked the party to speak to Valthrun whilst he made preparations to protect Winterhaven.

Total loot claimed:
Money/Valuables: 701 gold pieces (16 from kobolds, 15 from javelin sale, 420 from Irontooth, 250 from Lord Padraig), 65 silver pieces (from Kobolds)
Weapons/Apparel: 1 glue pot, 2 battle axes, Dwarven Plate Mail +1, 3 Suits of Chain Mail, 2 Heavy Shields
Miscellaneous: 36 kobold ears on a necklace, 1 goblin tooth, 1 goblin head

XP Earned: Total = 2,075, or 415 xp each (Level Up!)
575 (Outside the Kobold Lair – 10 kobold minions, 1 kobold slinger, 1 kobold slink, 1 kobold dragonshield)
1,250 (Inside the Kobold Lair – 10 kobold minions, 3 kobold skirmishers, 2 kobold denwardens, 1 kobold wormpriest, Irontooth)
250 (Quest – Defeat the Kobold Menace)

Next game date tentatively scheduled for April 21, 2012.



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