The Unlikely Heroes of Nentir Vale

Session 11: A Bloodreaver Party on the Way to Fallcrest

After defeating Ninarin, the Heroes were welcomed to Winterhaven as true heroes. They rested for the night, and upon debriefing with Lord Padraig, he gave them their reward, and also bestowed upon them a house that they could forever use whenever they visited Winterhaven. They discussed the Bloodreavers, and Lord Padraig asked for the Heroes’ help once again, asking them to investigate this claim and to take up matters in Thunderspire, where the Bloodreavers were said to reside.

Before the Heroes set out for Thunderspire, they met with Bairwin Wildarson, proprietor of Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe, a general goods store. Upon learning that they were headed to Thunderspire, he asked them if they could handle a discreet job for them. “This needs to be handled quietly,” he explained. “I have competitors throughout the Vale who would love to know my source for some of my more…exotic…goods. Can I count on your help and your ability to keep a trade secret?” Once they agreed, he told them about the Seven-Pillared Hall. “It’s a rough-and-tumble place beneath Thunderspire Mountain, but I have good contacts there and you can handle yourselves in a fight. I’m sure you won’t run into any trouble you can’t handle. Introduce yourselves to Gendar, and tell him you represent me. He will give you my goods and you will give him this cask.” He then handed Merrick Feverfew a small, locked cask, about the size of a long dagger. “Remember,” Bairwin says, “give Gendar my name-—but don’t use it elsewhere.”

As the party headed towards Fallcrest, they came upon a wounded horse with a black arrow stuck in its rump. The party did some tracking, and was able to find where the horse came from. They headed up a rocky path that opened up to a small, ruined watchtower, currently populated by Orcs. They had a ferocious battle, but the party eventually ended up defeating the orcs (who had greater numbers) with skill and ingenuity. Upon searching the orcs, they discovered a scroll indicating that they were working for the Bloodreavers and were trying to capture slaves. Indeed, the Heroes found a captured human, who the orcs were going to take to the Bloodreavers. He thanked them for their help, and headed towards Winterhaven.

Upon reaching Fallcrest, the party met up with Parle Cranewing at a local tavern (the Blue Moon Alehouse, run by Par Winnower and brewer Kemara Brownbottle). He was very appreciative for the map, and paid Aramil as per their agreement (which the Heroes then split). After some drinks, the party decided to head to an inn, but they were stopped by a stranger first—a tall elf, wearing dark robes, and a symbol of the Raven Queen. He explained that the inn to which they were heading was not safe, and they needed to follow him. Before the party could ask any questions, a few ruffians appeared, intent on harming them. Their new companion warned the ruffians to back off, or face judgment in the eyes of the Raven Queen. When one charged, the elf unsheathed his falchion with blinding speed, and in a moment, the charging man was headless, and fell to the ground. The other two, seeing this, fled, and ran away. The elf introduced himself as Ortherion and explained to them that as an agent of the Raven Queen, he sought their aid to investigate certain matters in Thunderspire.



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